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Growing Customer Lifetime Value With Experiential Marketing

Experiential campaigns are a relatively new trend in brand marketing. These campaigns offer a completely novel experience to modern customers who are fed up with and, therefore, skeptical of traditional marketing techniques. While sometimes confused with ‘event marketing’, experiential marketing has clear distinctions and unique advantages at which we are going to take a closer look.

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5 Marketing Principles of the Digital Age

With the advent of the digital era, marketing has changed in many ways. Techniques used in digital marketing are quite different from what businesses used to do for acquiring clientele before. They provide businesses with the opportunity of direct engagement with customers. Now you can ‘talk with’ them instead of simply ‘talking to’ them, as it was customary with traditional channels. Naturally, the tactics and tools good for marketing in the digital media are not the same as those in traditional media, and the whole approach differs as well.

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Display Advertising: Bringing It Up To A New Level

To many of us, it seemed that old-school display advertising would gradually lose its scale, giving in to brands’ new, snappy, and catchy marketing technologies that are developing so quickly in today’s digital world. This presumption is supported by some generally known facts, like: 30 to 50 percent of display ads remain unnoticed by users, display ads’ CTR approximates, etc.

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Analytics In Digital Marketing: New Trends

Mobile devices and social networks have already become integral parts of consumers’ daily lives, and businesses simply can’t stay aside from acquiring and processing the data from these sources in order to improve their marketing performance. In their eighth edition of the Digital Analytics Buyer’s Guide, Econsultancy highlights the current trends that are shifting the focus within the advertising industry.

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Save Money by Shortening the Path to Conversion

eConsultancy has recently spotted a worrying trend: customers’ paths to conversions are getting longer. So, they conducted a study involving their clients, which focused on the change of customers’ behavior year by year, and commented on the results, providing some useful suggestions for dealing with the problem.

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