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Our programmatic DSP is a place where your cost-effective ad campaigns reach their highest performance
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Why media buyers get the highest ROI with our Demand-Side Platform?

Trusted traffic partners

Get exclusive access to the best-performing traffic from the leading SSPs, websites and mobile apps in selected verticals

100% self-serve

Enjoy full control over your ad campaigns with flexible and intuitive personal account

Transparent media buying

Track the sources you are getting traffic from. Rearrange the budget to the best-performing websites and switch off the weakest ones

Live analytics

Our real-time analytics gathers your clicks, conversions and other performance results and delivers fresh stats to your account every 1.5 sec

Performance tracking

From impressions and clicks to conversions and ROI, Epom Market DSP tracks every single action happening with your ads

Automated optimization

Each of our self-serve accounts is equipped with robust optimization tools to take care of your performance and optimize your ad campaigns 24/7

Payment flexibility

We accept Paypal, Wire Transfer and bank card payments to maintain easy handling of your advertising spends

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Targeting options

30+ Ad Campaign Targeting Options

Choose any of 30+ ad campaign targeting options and show your ads only to interested users at any time, place and type of device
  • Browser
  • OS
  • OS version
  • Device model
  • Language
  • Carrier code
  • Geo-location
  • Frequency depth
  • Domain url
  • App name
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Bidding rules

Automate Performance Optimization with Our Bidding Autopilot!

Bidding Autopilot is a system of bidding rules that cut off the manual ad campaign optimization and help deliver outstanding returns on marketing budgets

How does it work?

Switch on bidding rules in your ad campaign setup

Choose advertising goals like CTR, CPA or CR to be achieved

The platform analyzes performance driven by every supply source

Publishers that overcome requested ad goals move to the whitelist

Publishers that don't reach requested ad goals will be blacklisted

Let the bidding rules keep an eye on your ad campaigns optimization 24/7
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Traffic Categories

Epom Market DSP is connected to the strongest traffic partners in each of the categories
1Arts &
3Hobbies &
4Health &
5Technology &
8Style &
14Food &
Discover the best-performing traffic for your offers!
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Epom DSP in numbers

Traffic Distribution

276 Active advertisers
36 SSPs integrated*
186 Countries
*The number of SSPs integrated goes up every week
Your Safety

We Ensure 100% Protection of Your Ads

Brand-safe traffic
Anti-fraud tools
Trusted partners only
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With Epom Self-Serve You Can Buy Traffic from

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