Payment Terms

Epom Market Payment Terms

Epom Market offers a versatile and transparent payment system.

Epom Market Payment Terms
What are the Payment Terms for Epom Market publishers?

Epom Market makes payments on a NET 45 basis, which means monthly payouts are received within 45 days after the end of the month.

In case you have any questions about Epom Market payment terms, feel free to contact our billing department at If you have already joined Epom Market, please be sure to provide your account information in an email.
How to check revenue in Epom Market

Epom Market provides a simple yet powerful tool to review the information regarding your ad serving activity. To run a standard report regarding your revenue please follow these steps:


Log into your Epom Market account and go to the Analytics tab.


Click Report Settings in the upper right corner of the tab and make sure that the Revenue checkbox is selected.


Specify the Date Range in the corresponding field.


Specify other options depending on how you'd like the report to be represented: you can group the results by entity type, country, media type, etc.


Click the Run report button. The Report tab will appear displaying your revenue for the specified date range. Please be advised that it might take a couple minutes for us to gather the required data depending on the date range you've specified.

Follow this link to find out more details regarding Epom Analytics.

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