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Epom Market supports the vast majority of ad types, allowing you to run ad campaigns of various sizes and types. Different payment models - such as CPM, CPC or CPA - will help maximize the profitability of your campaigns. Furthermore, Epom Market provides an agile set of targeting options and optimization settings in order to maximize the effectiveness of your ad serving activity.


The Dashboard accumulates all the information regarding your recent ad serving activity and displays it in a convenient and representative way. Here you can review the effectiveness of your ad campaigns in progression.

The Summary pane contains the following values:


An impression is the display of a particular advertisement to a user. Since a typical Web page has several ad units, in most cases there are multiple ad impressions per page.

Revenue stands for the income of your ad serving activity.

The average revenue earned per impression, which is counted by dividing the total revenue by the total number of impressions served, and multiplied by 1,000.

7 days Revenue Trends

The 7 days Revenue Trends graph displays the changes in your income during last week.

Impressions and eCPM for the last 7 days

The Impressions and eCPM for the last 7 days graph combines the impressions' and eCPM statistics, visualizing the interaction between these values during the last week period.

Today Analytics

The Analytics pane contains detailed information regarding your placements' statistics. Here you can see the analytical data divided per publisher, zone, and even particular placement. Clicking the corresponding buttons at the top of the pane will switch the reporting time frame between today, yesterday, current or previous month. Also, you can easily keep track of the current Statuses of your sites.

Publishers tab

The Publishers tab includes all the websites where you show ads and allows you to manage them. The easiest way for you to get acquainted with the platform is to create your first ad placement. Please follow this link to see our placement creation support documentation.

Analytics tab

The Analytics tab is used for running various reports and reviewing statistics.

The following parameters are available for you to create a specific report on your ad serving activity:

  • Report Settings. Click the Report Settings in the top right corner of the Analytics tab to expand the menu. Here you can select or deselect the fields you'd like to be displayed in your report.

  • Date range. Here you can choose any range starting from Today up to and including Last year statistics, as well as a Custom range of your choice.

  • Breakdown by. This will sort the report by day, month or year, making it easier to comprehend and analyze.

  • Group by. Grouping your report serves the same purpose as the Breakdown providing even more options to categorize the report.

  • Publisher Filter. To run a report that would only cover a certain Publisher (or several Publishers), click the disclosure triangle next to the Publisher Filter title to expand the corresponding window, and click the checkbox(es) next to the Publisher(s) you need. You can also insert the Site, Zone or Placement name manually in the Filter field to limit the list of Publishers. This will help to find the needed records faster.


The Preferences tab allows you to manage your account settings. Here you can do the following:


Change your password:

Change Password

Fill in or update your personal information:

Change Personal Information

Adjust platform interface according to your needs:

user Interface Preferences

Whitelist certain IP addresses, so that your account could only be accessed from certain location(s).


Add third-party recipients that will receive the email notifications about the activity of your network:

More Notifications recipients

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