Video Advertising

Video Advertising with Epom Market

Take advantage of the most engaging and effective ad format with Epom Market

Epom Market works with a wide range of video-oriented Publishers and Advertisers, providing them with an effective method of using video inventory to their advantage. Clients may choose from multiple video ad formats, all of which are targeted and optimized to provide the best video advertising results.

Supported Ad Formats

Epom Market offers Publishers and Advertisers the opportunity to work with the following video advertising formats:

  • Pre-rolls
  • Mid-rolls
  • Post-rolls
  • Overlay ads

You can supplement video-specific advertising formats with standard and non-standard companion ads, which have been shown to improve CTR by up to 23%.

Supported Ad Formats

All video and companion ads are automatically optimized via their CTR and conversion rates. Additional, manual optimization is provided by our dedicated team of managers, who focus on the relevance of the displayed advertisements to the website content.

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