What stands behind
Epom Market?

Established as a technological company in 2011, Epom Market has grown into an advertising ecosystem with six advanced solutions. Since that time, we've been on a mission to help people deliver advertising across all channels and countries.


Our diligent team, led by industry forward-thinkers, builds meaningful connections to bring a unique value to customers, publishers, and brands with every impression. We keep our eyes on digital innovations to make sure our partners have everything they need to be on top of online advertising.

Our Values

Personal Approach

We are certain that a personal approach to every partner and customer is the most important thing in everything we do


We gathered a talented team of like-minded and hard-working people who create things passionately and always keep our customers in mind


We aspire for long-lasting and trustworthy relations with our partners. That's why we adore visiting conferences, digital shows and hosting partners


We are compliant to GDPR and support all initiatives against shady players to clean up online advertising industry from violent ads and traffic resellers


We are not afraid of experiments. The years of endless tests, tries, and investigations are definitely worth one great innovation

Staying up-to-date

We keep up with the latest industry trends to provide our partners with the foremost technologies and help them grow their business with online ads

Our Team

Anton Ruin

Anton Ruin


Customers first. Innovations next.
Andrew Liulko

Andrew Liulko

Head of sales

Epom Market stands for user-focused advertising. The Customer will always be at the core of our advertising ecosystem.
Kate Sydorenko

Kate Sydorenko

Business Development Manager

Epom Market is not just an ad network. We are a digital advertising ecosystem where all online advertising parties can satisfy their needs.
Anna Pozniak

Anna Pozniak

Chief Marketing Officer

Our team works with the scope to deliver the best services for our clients - through meaningful relations, full-scale technology, and extensive experience with online ads.
Dmitriy Chebakov

Dmitriy Chebakov

Product Manager

Without a winning product, we would never generate profits. So we concentrate all our efforts on building that product.
Inga Sydorenko

Inga Sydorenko

Head of User Acquisition

User Acquisition should be focused on reaching your lookalike audience instead of just volumes.
Michael Moskalenko

Michael Moskalenko

Head of Programmatic

Our goal here is to make communication between advertisers, publishers, and customers simple and programmatic.

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