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Publishers choose Epom Market to keep their audiences engaged, bring more value to the content and get ever-growing revenue with a premium demand

Why Epom Market?

We invest in publishers' success and create value for every advertising space

Exclusive demand

Complement your content with first-class ads! Advertise world-famous brands, services, and software to build trustworthy relations with your audience.

Maximum eCPMs

Monetize your inventory at topmost prices. Our intelligent matching algorithm and precise targeting tools help publishers reach the highest eCPMs.

Near-100% fill rate

Our direct partnerships with global agencies and brands enable delivering the most relevant ad to every impression and guarantee near-100% fill rate to your inventory.

Personal team

Leave the monetization hassle to our skilled team. We'll advise on what ad formats and ad spaces to choose to achieve maximum results.

Easy to use interface

Enjoy simple ad management! Track daily revenues, measure performance and control your advertising activities with one full-fledged account.

24/7 assistance

Our technical support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions and queries. Just drop us a line!

Ad Formats

Supported Ad Formats

Our ad formats gallery comprises both standard and tailor-made ad units for multi-screen advertising.
Native ads
Video Ads
Rich Media Ads
Native ads deliver the best ad experiences to the audience while being accurately built into the website feed
  • Customizable
  • Relevant
  • Attractive
video advertising
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Getting started

How to Start Running Ads and Boost Your Revenue within Minutes

step 1

Register and get publishers account — we'll advise on top-performing ad formats and best-suited ad spots

step 2

Insert our code to any of recommended or preferred pages & places

step 3

Monitor your earnings and results at a handy dashboard

Drop us a line, and we'll provide you with everything you need for effective monetization.
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