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Launch and optimize your mobile & desktop ad campaigns. Access 500+ publishers with free Epom Self–Serve Platform.

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Adjust your bids, budget Precise control

Adjust your bids, budget, ad units and targeting at any time.

Decide which traffic sources Data-driven optimization

Prioritize the best-performing traffic sources and exclude the weak ones.

Real-time data & statistics Timely feedback

Enjoy granular data and statistics delivered in real time.

Simple interface User-friendly tools

Manage campaigns and generate detailed reports with just a couple of mouse clicks.

We support the best-performing ad formats

Opportunities for advertisers

Set up geo, device and targeting
Decide daily limits
Arrange campaign budget
Buy fixed CPM traffic
  • Decide on campaign budget
  • Set daily limits
  • Specify geos (devices, targeting)
  • Buy fixed CPM traffic

How to get started

Get an account

Get an account

Set up the campaign

Set up the campaign

Make the pre-pay

Make a prepayment

Analyze and optimize

Analyze and optimize