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  • Epom Self-serve DSP for Advertisers: One Year in Review
Epom Self-serve DSP for Advertisers: One Year in Review

Epom Self-serve DSP for Advertisers: One Year in Review

7 min read  |  by Epom

Dmitry Chebakov
Product Manager, Epom DSP

After a year of improvements and iterations, we're ready to draw a line under the first achievements of our new self-serve platform — Epom DSP for advertisers.

A year ago we were standing on the brink of a monumental challenge. Our team was about to release a new self-serve platform for programmatic media buying. We aspired to help advertisers easily buy and manage high-quality impressions at any time and place.

Built with advertisers in mind, Epom DSP is a self-serve platform unpacking access to all major types of traffic from world top SSPs. In addition to a wide range of mobile and desktop ad formats, Epom DSP provides deep targeting options and powerful analytics.

After getting the first feedback from our users, we spent a lot of time reshaping and enhancing our product. We boosted the existing functionality with new features and finally found ourselves with a platform for specific advertising needs.

Luckily, the diligent work has paid off. Here is an overview of what our team has achieved for the last 12 months.

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How we managed to reach those numbers in a year? The answer is work, more work, and a few more essential things.

We made advertising efficient & simple

Our first rule: make it simple for your customer. Simple to navigate, simple to set up and manage. Users have to spend time growing their business, not learning how your platform works. We've built an easy-to-use intuitive account that doesn't require lots of details to be kept in mind.

What's more, we offer advertisers an option to automate performance optimization with a Bidding Autopilot feature. Bidding Autopilot includes the system of bidding rules that cut off the manual campaign management and deliver outstanding returns on marketing budgets. For example, if advertisers bought 10,000 impressions from a specific domain and didn't receive a single conversion, this domain would be blacklisted automatically. If conversions start to arrive even before the first thousand of impressions runs out, the platform automatically puts this domain onto the whitelist.

We listened to our customers

Even before the Epom DSP release, we provided the first ten partners with beta-accounts. We asked them to continually give us their feedback on every detail they wanted to improve. At that time Epom DSP was already plugged into Pubmatic, AdColony, Mobfox, InMobi and other well-known SSPs.

Over 75% of advertisers who claimed for their accounts were looking for exclusive in-app traffic. We decided to enhance our supply side with new in-app partners. Such a shift supposed an additional work for sales and developers teams to be done. We managed to increase daily in-app impressions from 250,000 to 1,500,000 in 3 months.

We unlocked the best-in-class supply partners

Along with strengthening Epom DSP as an advertising platform, our sales team continued connecting to new supply partners. At some point, we faced the situation when our demand surpassed our supply. Newly signed up advertisers claimed more traffic, and we started to rapidly partner with SSPs, apps, and ad networks with their own SDK traffic.

As a result, today advertisers are free to buy hard-to-reach traffic from 36 SSPs within an Epom DSP account. They don't have to set up ad campaigns at multiple platforms. With Epom DSP they secure themselves from buying the same inventory. Epom DSP can be the only tool for buying and managing global inventory from the top supply sources.

We've focused on our strong points

Powered by the Epom Ad Server, Epom DSP has robust analytical and targeting capabilities. We maintain tracking granular analytics in real-time, highlighting the key numbers at a handy dashboard. There are only a few self-serve platforms that provide advertisers with such a powerful functionality for performance measure.

Another essential part of online advertising is the precise targeting, helping advertisers show ads to an audience interested in their product. We focused on the development of hyper-targeted options. Now Epom DSP advertisers can target an audience with more than 30 options. Our team is working on adding more useful functionalities to the platform to help advertisers spend their ad budgets effectively and get maximum results.

We keep our ears & eyes wide open

Digital advertising is always in flux. The companies that don't stay ahead of the industry trends will be simply bypassed. Our team keeps our ears and eyes open to turn our platform into the foremost tool for managing programmatic media buying. We want to make sure that advertisers have everything they need for running global high-performing ad campaigns.

The first year is behind us. With ambitious plans and bold ideas, we continue our challenging, yet exciting, journey.

Unpack unlimited opportunities for programmatic media buying with Epom DSP self-serve account for advertisers.

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