How to activate Epom Market account

How it works
How can I become a publisher at Epom Market?

Submit the Sign-up form and our manager will contact you to negotiate the specifics regarding the Epom Market configuration you would like to have. Your site will then be reviewed and, once it is approved, we will set everything up. Your manager will contact you with your confirmation and additional details once everything is up and running.

Creating ad placements

Once your account is up and running, you can start creating new ad placements using the Epom Market platform. Alternatively, you can ask your account manager to do this for you.

Note: If you would like to create a new placement yourself, please be sure to notify your manager so they can review it. Approval may take up to 24 hours.

Log into your Epom Market account and go to the Publishers tab.


Click the Add new Site button in the top left corner and fill out the Basic Info form that appears.


Click Save. Additional buttons will appear in the top of the pane:

Delete this site Removes the site record.
Site Pending Puts the site 'on hold'
Add new Zone Creates new Zone for the current site.

Click the Add new Zone button, fill out the Basic info form, and click Save. Additional buttons will appear on the top of the pane:

Dlete this Zone Removes the Zone record.
Add new Placement Adds new Placement of your choice to the current

Click the Add new Placement button and choose Site Placement from the list: Note: In this guide a Site Placement is used. To find more detailed information

Site Placement New Placement types
Non-standard Placement
Mobile Site Placement
Application Placement
E-mail Placement

Click-Through Placement


Submit the New Site Placement form: fill in the name, specify the Size of the placement, and fill in the optional fields if necessary.


Click Save. The Invocation Codes pane will appear. The code from this pane should be inserted into the website, where the ad in question is to be served. It is generally suggested to use JS Sync code as it is the most commonly supported format.

Invocation Codes

Also, the Preview button will appear on the top of the pane. Clicking this button will display a preview of the current placement along with all the information related to it. You can show others how the ad will be displayed by sharing the Preview URL. You can also modify variables such as IP address, channel and custom parameters to see how the ad will be displayed in different circumstances.

Delete this Placement Removes the current placement.
eCPM Optimization Details Once your placement starts running, the eCPM Optimization Details will be filled with data. Here you can find the eCPM optimization report with a breakdown per country:
Optimization Report

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