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  • How to promote your mobile app: The Complete Guide, Part II
How to promote your mobile app: The Complete Guide, Part II

How to promote your mobile app: The Complete Guide, Part II

10 min read  |  by Epom

If you've read the first part of our app promotion guide, you already know that apps don't become popular after a magic finger snap. The reality is that after the app release, there is still much work to do. Creating an app and adding it to the distribution platforms is just a promising start point for your storyline in the world of apps.

So what other promotion channels you can use along with app stores and mobile advertising agencies?

App Reviews

App review platforms are also good lead generators. They publish deep and entertaining reviews, feature key options and benefits of new apps. There are two most common ways of cooperation with such media. First, you send them an overview of your product with links to app stores and ask to write a review. In another case, they might include you to specific lists or ratings of similar apps (if they have it). Probably, media representatives will ask you to pay for the reviews (and that is OK). If it happens, double check platforms amount of monthly visits, geography, audience interests with Google and Similar Web. Applying to tech blogs like Appadvice, Hongkiat or Thenextweb would definitely make a splash and bring new users on.

Buildfire made a great list of 113 sources to apply for a quality app review.

Social Media

Featuring an app release in social media will also help with bringing the first interested users. Entertain subscribers with useful content, hot topics and thematic infographics and don't spoil everything with mindless copy pasting. Social Media is great for catching up with your users, getting their feedback and rolling out important updates.


Appealing Website

If you are going to promote your app before the release you will definitely need a website (or at least a landing page) for highlighting the main news, app key features and capabilities. Attract people to your website while running ad campaign with an advertising agency. Offer users additional value like free levels or personal discount in return for the subscription to the app news. An email base could become additional (and FREE) channel for interaction with customers. Just don't spam.

interaction with customers

The power of sharing button

People want to spread the content that makes them smile, laugh out loud, muse, disagree, protest, cry, hope, slobber over etc. Your app for certain has something more behind. Cover the best of your app in the story worth spreading.

example app

Adopt a win-win strategy and offer users immediate valuable reward for sharing content from your app in their social media profiles or blogs.

What about influencers?

Brand owners and marketing experts have already revealed the real power of influencers - trendsetters, who gathered thousands of followers around their social profiles.

Partnership with influencers seems easy at a glance. But asking a person with 5M followers to post a message like "I'am using [App Name]. Have you already tried it?" would be a wrong strategy. The quantity doesn't mean quality.

Build honest and mutually beneficial relations with influencers at your niche. They might be followed by less, but relevant users.

Useful services: BuzzSumo or NinjaOutreach for identifying the best influencers in your field and location.

Promo video

Let people take a stroll around your app with a short 30sec video. Show the main features, design and users value of your product in a dynamic video and the world will be eagerly waiting for the release. Place your video on the website, share through social media or send it to mobile ad agencies for promotion. A good promo video will increase your awareness and heat up the interest to your product.

And finally...

Creating an exceptional app is just a part of the work that have to be done on the way to its greatness. Despite there are dozens of app promotion channels, not all of them work appropriately for each specific product. Try to build your own tailored ecosystem with a specific range of app promotion tools, services and platforms. Don't afraid of sticking out. Being different is a priori a good start for building a strong marketing strategy.

Contact Epom Ad Agency team and start driving installs and purchases right away.

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